Janet 3.jpg

Janet Cargill

Cycle Program Director
Group Fitness Instructor, Indoor Cycle

ACE and Schwinn certified Instructor
USA Cycling Licensed Level 2 Coach
B.A. Education

Janet is an avid indoor and outdoor cyclist and has ridden many thousands of miles on her trusty Trek, including a dozen double centuries and several Death Rides. She comes from a teaching background, most recently as an elementary school science teacher in the Bay Area. She has helped hundreds of new riders of all ages improve their knowledge and capability on the bike, and finds that cycling can be a pathway to personal power and confidence in addition to great fitness. Her style is authentic to the outdoor experience, but strictly indoor riders will also love the motivating skills and drills they learn in class.

Janet believes in the power of exercise to improve every aspect of life, from sleep habits and weight management to mood and stress relief. She knows first-hand the joy that can come from achieving a difficult goal and loves to share that with clients as they work toward their own successes. Every day is better with a bike ride in it!!