Testimonials for Lucy Navabpour

My experience taking Pilates classes with instructor, Lucy Navabpour has been amazingly wonderful! She's warm, funny, professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Pilates is gentle and yet, VERY effective! It only took a couple classes to see and feel a distinct difference in my body. Each class routine is different and increasingly challenging. All the movements are modifiable to accommodate varying levels of ability.

Lucy's attention to detail in correct form, safety and how to get the most out of each class has been so helpful in my becoming stronger and more flexible. Long standing injuries, postural issues and aches and pains are resolving. I can feel my stomach muscles again!!! Wooo Hooo!!! I've gone from a size 18 to a size 14 in the last four months. I have a growing confidence in my body and it's ability to relearn how to move through life.  

It's changed my life/body/spirit...and I highly recommend


You can be assured when taking a Pilates class from Lucy that you will have a well prepared lesson. Lucy gives clear concise instructions and is aware of her students needs and/or limitations, always making sure that each student is using correct form. She accomplishes all of this with a wonderful sense of enthusiasm.

Joan A.

An old theosophical proverb states: when the student is ready the teacher appears. I have experienced several moments of readinessthroughout my life, and each time I have met the right person to guide me through difficulties. Over the past few years I sought to alleviate chronic pain from degenerative spinal conditions. I tried conventional medicine, which treated the symptoms with opioids. After several rounds of conventional physical therapy I had made no notable improvement. The conditions worsened. Once active in the outdoors, options for physical activities diminished as my pain increased. I was giving up the things I loved.

A wise friend suggested Pilates for movement based core strengthening. In my search for an instructor, I met Lucy Navabpour. Lucy’s knowledge of biomechanics and understanding of movement through proper physical alignment have changed my life. She helps me increase strength, stamina, and flexibility. I am now aware of the healthful benefits of proper breathing and correct posture. Since working with Lucy the duration and level of my pain has diminished. My recovery time after activity has shortened. I feel better; longer.

Lucy is a thoughtful, compassionate, and perceptive instructor. Her attentive and inquisitive style keeps her attuned to my condition and limitations, while encouraging stretching and exercise. She provides excellent corrective suggestions for simple lifestyle modifications, which improve my daily experience. If you are ready to improve the way you move and feel then Lucy Navabpour is the instructor you seek.

Bill Lindemann, Lake Tahoe, California

I have had hip and low back pain for at least 20 years. It was getting so bad that some days I couldn’t even get out of my car I was in so much pain. I started to attend mat classes with instructor Lucy Navabpour just once a week and I cannot believe the difference I feel! I have significantly less pain in my hip, more range of motion and I’ve stopped taking the Ibuprofen that I used to take every day for years. I am so happy I came to Lucy’s class.