Lucy Navabpour

PMA Certified Pilates Instructor/ Nutritious Movement certified Restorative Exercise Specialist

As a competitive swimmer in Australia, Lucy was suffering lower back pain and sciatica from a bulging lumbar disc. Under the advisement of a Physical Therapist, Lucy began practicing Pilates in Sydney in 1998. She was absolutely amazed that after only a short time she was mostly pain free and was an immediate convert to the method! Pilates has been a significant part of her life ever since. She has discovered that an added happy benefit to regular Pilates practice is significant improvement in her swimming and other athletic pursuits.

Lucy moved to California in 2001 working as a PhD Scientist and soon met her husband while swimming in a Masters Swimming program. After becoming a mother of two lovely children Lucy decided to switch gears and study to become a Pilates Instructor. She earned a Comprehensive Pilates Certification from Balanced Body while living in Santa Cruz. This new avenue has opened up a whole new world of exploration for Lucy and she loves to continually expand her knowledge, repertoire and skills in Pilates and other movement modalities. She is now a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor trained in the Reformer, Tower, Chair, Barrels, Springboard and Core Align. 

Lucy’s extensive experience teaching Pilates and working to understand how bodies move, and why they break down, has highlighted the effects of modern society on our health. In order to learn techniques for combating and working with these lifestyle challenges she has studied to become a Nutritious Movement certified-Restorative Exercise Specialist™. She can help you investigate your environment to find factors effecting your body negatively and work to teach you to realign and revitalize your body. In addition she is a Roll Model Method™teacher and can lead you in self-massage techniques to support your bodies’ changes and development. Lucy is currently studying to become a Health Coach in order to further support her clients to work on challenges and ultimately live the life they want to live!

Lucy loves to work with all types of people from children to older adults, from fit to movement challenged - each body is a puzzle just waiting to be deciphered! Lucy and her family moved to beautiful Tahoe in August 2015 and she is excited to share her knowledge with her new community to help them to move more freely and enjoy their own treasured activities in life