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Nicole Anael Sawyer

Founder of Tahoe Perfect Workout, Happy Cycling Studio
& Moving Tao Center

Nicole, also known as Anael, is a life time explorer of all things spiritual. She has spent the past 30 years as a professional full time fitness / movement specialist, presenter, educator, and spiritual counselor. Her extensive commitment to the study of Yoga, Medical Chi Gong, Physical Therapy, Somatic Movement, and alternative healing modalities uniquely positions her work as some of the most innovative fusions of our time. Her style is fluid with a depth of knowledge she has gained from studying a multitude of practices with mind/ body/ spirit work as the foundation. Anael has worked with Olympian’s, Fortune 500 companies, Artist, & CEO’s. Her engagements with her clients, whether as a healer, fitness instructor or counselor is candid, and honest. She will find your weaknesses and work on them through progressive and athletic razor focus. Anael’s continued dedication and commitment to how the mind effects our health, fitness, and earth is not only her job but also her passion. Tahoe Perfect Workout, Happy Cycle Studio, and Moving Tao Center are the manifestation of her past 30 years of personal and professional growth. Her own process of physical events, and emotional traumas challenged her to walk her talk in and on every level of being. Anael is committed to serving our local community and global community toward awakened consciousness, wholeness and joy.  

PhD Work: Health & Spirituality, Cosmology, Eco-Psychology, Psychoneuroimmunology, Equestrian Biomechanics, and Fitness. 

Certifications: Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training, Somatic Movement, Barre, TRX, Chi Gong, Meditation, Visualization for athletes, spiritual counseling, energy healing.

Universities: Rice University, Holy Names University, Berkeley College of Music, Boston College, Oblate School of Theology, NYU, Seattle University.