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Abby Hanc

Equestrian Director
Abby’s love of Pilates began in 2012 when she began taking mat pilates exercise classes in an attempt to alleviate her chronic low back pain due to years of painful riding accidents. After only a few weeks, the back pain started slowly diminishing and Abby could feel improved core strength, balance and body awareness. The biggest impact was on her riding ability. Movements that used to be very difficult for her to execute due to being crooked in the saddle (often resulting from injuries) were getting easier- much to the delight of her horse!

After years of riding in the hunter and jumper circuits Abby decided to expand her knowledge and began studying Classical Dressage and Equine Body Work. It was through this knowledge and experience that she realized how much of an impact rider asymmetries were having on the horses. After spending time doing body work on the horses and working directly with their riders in the studio she noticed drastic differences in rider ability and connection to their horse. 

It is now Abby’s quest to help her clients overcome their past injuries and movement hurdles so they can feel strong and empowered in every action they do whether that be riding, running, weight lifting or picking up the kids.

What can equestrian biomechanics Pilates do for you? Develop strength, expression and grace of both horse and rider to create a harmonious partnership through the applied principles of biomechanics that are at the heart of all equestrian disciplines and Pilates instruction.